Saturday, August 23, 2008

New RS Goodies!

Greetings and salutations!


First off, our debut album "LOSING MY REALITY" came out Tuesday on East/West Records. It's made up of ten great tunes, some old, some new, and some REALLY new, including "Come Away," which features the legendary (and rightly so) Robert Wyatt on vocals and cornet.


You can buy it digitally here:

Running Still - Losing My Reality Rhapsody

And if you'd like a physical CD, buy it online here:

Amazon, Best Buy

There are also a bunch of stores in the northeast with copies, but I lost the list, so I'll get it to you soon.

PICK IT UP! You won't be disappointed. You might even FLIP OUT!

One last treat! We hit the road last week, and debuted a few covers and a brand new original tune called "Airplane." Dig it.

Thanks and be well! Hope you LOVE the music! We're awfully proud to have it out.


Monday, August 18, 2008

on tour....

hi everyone
I hope your having a good week.
we just got back from a week tour we did...... we were in long beach island and north carolina and CT and york PA
we had a great time playing and we feel we really connected to some good people..... that always feels good!
we had to crash at peoples houses and thank you for letting us do that. its intresting to see how everywhere we went it was diffrent but simular at the same time.
it was also ZACHS BIRTHDAY!!! he turned 21..... and we drank whisky at the bar and did some shots!!!!
our young laddi is a man and a well put together one i must say........

tomorrow our album will be in the stores!!! yeay!!!!!

talk to you again soon