Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

London baby!!

Yeah London was a whole lotta fun!
Great shows, great new friends, great music, great beer!
We even got a tour of Abbey Road (Zach got pretty emotional)!!
Thanks so much to Chris Parker (seen in a Picture with Ben) and Nicolas Meier for hosting us, and double thanks to Chris for writing a great review of our show at Barfly!

We should be going back early 2009, in the meantime here are some pictures...

Friday, October 10, 2008

A LONG Overdue Update!

Greetings Stillheads!

I hope that life is treating you well. There's much to report and only so much free space on the Internet, so let's get down to business!

It's been a minute since my last post, but we've been staying busy spreading the word. Our most recent excursion took us to Delaware, Vermont and good 'ol Jersey for a great weekend full of good folks and good tunes.

We kicked the weekend off with a killer diller show at the Dewey Beach Music Conference in Delaware. What a great time! It was great to see our friends The Tamboureens and Bojibian, and a pleasure to play for such a great crowd! Our first time at the festival, but hopefully not our last.

After our show at the DBMC, it was straight to Bennington, VT for a show at one of our favorite spots: Southern Vermont College. It was a nice, long set, and we gave the audience a few surprises...

Great to see some old faces and some new, and I was totally psyched to have some friends and family in the house. After the show, we had a swingin' shindig at the VT Jones crib where we jammed on some tunes and had a few beers by the mobile fire. Awesome night!

We closed the trip off with a visit to The College of New Jersey for a cancer benefit hosted by our favorite emcee, Catherine Cosentino. A most excellent show with a GREAT crowd! They even got in on the action a little bit...

Thanks again to Cat for having us and to Emma for passing that mailing list around!

In other news, we're getting geared up for our trip to the UK on November 17th, so if you're in London, GET READY!

That's the news from us. Hope to see you soon, and don't forget to pick up our album, "Losing My Reality," from your local music store or digital music retailer ASAP!!

Peace and love,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New RS Goodies!

Greetings and salutations!


First off, our debut album "LOSING MY REALITY" came out Tuesday on East/West Records. It's made up of ten great tunes, some old, some new, and some REALLY new, including "Come Away," which features the legendary (and rightly so) Robert Wyatt on vocals and cornet.


You can buy it digitally here:

Running Still - Losing My Reality Rhapsody

And if you'd like a physical CD, buy it online here:

Amazon, Best Buy

There are also a bunch of stores in the northeast with copies, but I lost the list, so I'll get it to you soon.

PICK IT UP! You won't be disappointed. You might even FLIP OUT!

One last treat! We hit the road last week, and debuted a few covers and a brand new original tune called "Airplane." Dig it.

Thanks and be well! Hope you LOVE the music! We're awfully proud to have it out.


Monday, August 18, 2008

on tour....

hi everyone
I hope your having a good week.
we just got back from a week tour we did...... we were in long beach island and north carolina and CT and york PA
we had a great time playing and we feel we really connected to some good people..... that always feels good!
we had to crash at peoples houses and thank you for letting us do that. its intresting to see how everywhere we went it was diffrent but simular at the same time.
it was also ZACHS BIRTHDAY!!! he turned 21..... and we drank whisky at the bar and did some shots!!!!
our young laddi is a man and a well put together one i must say........

tomorrow our album will be in the stores!!! yeay!!!!!

talk to you again soon



Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday night at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ

We played at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ this past Friday. Loved the club! Scott, the owner, is one of those who actually loves music!!

The bill was awesome. Dave Pittenger played a great set, The Shackeltons rocked it hard, and we had to split because of the drive before we could see HTR... Sorry guys...

Here are a few shots of the night

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RS Gets the Word Out, etc.

Good evening, ladies and gentle-men (to be said in the voice of Heath Ledger's Joker)...

I'm proud to say that we officially GOT THE WORD OUT on Saturday in Philadelphia, PA! Had a great time with new friends Matthew Pop (pictured below), Steve Kolter, Singsation and Prep-A-Red.

Ben was busy elsewhere (dentist? gig? gay club? Nobody's sure...), but Asi, Raed and I brought the jams hot, heavy and acoustic. Raed and I even laid down some beats behind some of Mt. Airy's hottest (and presumably only) hip-hop. We wrapped it all up with some killer diller cheesesteaks at Chubby's. An excellent evening to be sure!

Our record hits the shelves on August 19th, but in the meantime, be sure to check out a fabulous new pop outfit called The Major Labels. Unbelievable singer/songwriter Mike Viola has been one of my biggest musical heroes for years, and he's joined forces with fellow pop genius Bleu and a wicked drummer named Ducky Carlisle to create one of my favorite records this year. Be sure to download the album and think of me while shouting the choruses to "Velveteen Queen," "The Bitter Pill," and "Aquavia" at the top of your lungs.

Stay tuned for more from RS, and if you're hanging in NJ or NYC, be sure to join us at The Saint (this Friday) and Pianos (July 31st)!

Peace and love,

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July in Manahawkin

That was a serious party!!
Here are some picts

Saturday, June 7, 2008

me and ducky.....

we played last night at the Q and after the show i met my love DUCKY.....
he is Soooooo cute.........

It's not a rock show until the cops bust it!

Well, yeah people, as Zach said we soft rocked so hard they busted the joint... What can we say but... RAWK AND ROLL!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Rocked So Soft That It's Off Of The Scale

Here we sit in a small coffee house in Worcester, Mass.

Our drive was a bit longer than anticipated (it's ALWAYS rush hour in NYC...), but it gave us a chance to listen to some new mixes of "Losing My Reality" (that's the title of our upcoming album, by the way). Let me tell you... it's going to be terrific! JK and Dave at Pulse in NYC are doing a bang-up job with the tunes while Steve over in the UK is putting his brilliant stamp on some new jams and a couple that you'll recognize. Can't wait for you to hear this record!

Back to our story...

Upon our arrival to The Q, we prepared for some face-melting ACOUSTIC RAWK!!

Unfortunately, before our set was through, The Man came and shut us down.

(video pending Mr. Zwerin's upload)

Not to worry! We still brought the RS jams hot and heavy.

Big thanks to Matt behind the bar for some SERIOUSLY caffeinated beverages.

Big Z Fancy

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Worcester Magazine feature

Looking to have sex on a plane

(Hey, it's easier than winning a Grammy)

By Alex Stevenson for Worcester magazine

It's called Running Still, but this Brooklyn-based rock quartet is certainly on the move. In January 2008 the group signed with EastWest Records, a subsidiary of the Warner Music Group, and its self-titled album is due out on Aug. 19.

"We're finishing up the record," says lead singer and songwriter Asi Meskin. "We're almost done with the vocals and about to start mixing, so we're very excited."

Meskin and his bandmates recently returned from England, where they had the opportunity to record with the legendary Robert Wyatt. Bassist Ben Zwerin says, "We went to England to hang out with Robert Wyatt for a few days — which was amazing — and ended up recording him on one track, ‘Come Away.' He did a bunch of wordless vocals."

Zwerin explains that Atlantic Records in the UK decided to release "Come Away," partly because of Wyatt's involvement, along with two other tracks on an EP. Before returning stateside, the band also got to work with Steve Orchard, one of the sound engineers and producers at George Martin's Air Studios in London. Orchard, who has worked with artists like Peter Gabriel, Sting and Paul McCartney, mixed Running Still's "Come Away," the song that will be the single off their UK release. "That was definitely the highlight of our year so far," says Meskin.

Upon its return to the States, the guys got back on the road. "We've been together for five years, and we've been touring throughout New England at clubs and colleges for about three years," says Meskin. Meskin, who also plays the acoustic guitar and keyboard, met Zwerin after approaching him on the street in Manhattan's Lower East Side. The two became friends and started playing in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The band only truly came together, however, with the addition of two more players: guitarist Raed Khazen and drummer Zach Jones. Image

With catchy choruses and a melodic pop rock sound similar to bands like Snow Patrol and Coldplay, Running Still has built a devoted following of fans. "We really want to connect with every single person we meet," says Zwerin. "For us, it's not about spending a million dollars on promotion, it's about going out on the road and meeting everybody." Still, that's not to say these guys don't have goals. Meskin would like to play Madison Square Garden, win a Grammy and share a stage with Stevie Wonder.

"I want to have sex on a plane," Zwerin quips. "It's an easier goal to realize than the Grammy. In general though, we want to be able to do what we love — make music, make records — for a long time."