Monday, January 16, 2012

Making an animated video for "Come Away"

Hello Everyone its been a while.... I've been as some of you know back and forth to Israel putting out some music there and spending some time with my family. I might have been gone for a bit but the work on "Running Still" continues and there are many cool new songs and ideas in the pipeline.
Today we just got back from shooting a video for "Come Away" me and Ben with some wonderful friends.
Marybeth from "Milly Beau" played the lead female role, my cousin Bea played a turtle and Lindsay played one of the animated characters. What you see in the pictures is us on a green small couch and behind us a green wall so that later Matt Brewster the director animator can take only us with no background and animate the whole freaking thing!!!

Matt is just awesome!!!

Here are the pictures and we will keep you updated on everything!!!

Hope your all doing well and having a very happy 2012