Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bowery after show hang!

So we got some picts of us getting a little drunk, of Oved, always a pleasure to see him, we also got Kathryn looking hot, Bless, the man, of the Souldiggaz, hangin', Andree, great artist, also hangin' and a couple of Canadian Irish girls with a flag...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Live at Bowery Ballroom in NY 3/17

Last night was a blast!!

Bowery is one of our favorite venues! The space is great, it sounds amazing (thanks to the incredible staff!) and it was sold out! Great way to spend St Patrick's day!

Lion of Ido were on after us, they sounded awesome! Very cool! We shared some gear with them, super nice peeps! Thanks Krista for the bass cab!!

Then Ryan Star came on. What a voice! Great live show! I had heard his tunes before and really liked them but he and his band were even better live!

Here are a couple of tunes from our set. The quality of the recording is not that great but we wanted to share anyway...