Friday, June 6, 2008

Rocked So Soft That It's Off Of The Scale

Here we sit in a small coffee house in Worcester, Mass.

Our drive was a bit longer than anticipated (it's ALWAYS rush hour in NYC...), but it gave us a chance to listen to some new mixes of "Losing My Reality" (that's the title of our upcoming album, by the way). Let me tell you... it's going to be terrific! JK and Dave at Pulse in NYC are doing a bang-up job with the tunes while Steve over in the UK is putting his brilliant stamp on some new jams and a couple that you'll recognize. Can't wait for you to hear this record!

Back to our story...

Upon our arrival to The Q, we prepared for some face-melting ACOUSTIC RAWK!!

Unfortunately, before our set was through, The Man came and shut us down.

(video pending Mr. Zwerin's upload)

Not to worry! We still brought the RS jams hot and heavy.

Big thanks to Matt behind the bar for some SERIOUSLY caffeinated beverages.

Big Z Fancy

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Ken Armstrong said...

There's a radio station here in Ireland that uses a tagline:

"Living the Life, Loving the Music'."

It seems to apply better to you guys than to that station. :)

Enjoyed the Blog.