Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rockin and Rollin

So, let me give you the backdrop..... It all started in sept. 07; i was hangin with one of my closest friends here, who happens to be a kick-ass bass player and who happened to play with this really great singer songwriter called Asi in a band called Running Still that i secretly wanted to play with for a while but didnt want to step on any toes, if u know what i mean. So, as i said, we were hangin, shooting the shit, talking about life and all that beautiful stuff musicians talk about.... I was coming out of a musical hiatus and was ready to get back in the grove of things. But i was looking for an intimate musical experience where friendship and personnal interactions were the highlights. I was tired of prostituting myself left and right, being left at the end of the night with nothing else to hold on to but a bunch of dollars. Running Still was looking for a guitarist who would commit to a journey and a whole experience; who kicks ass, rocks hard and looks tight.... (thats me)
The next day Ben called me and asked if i would want to give it a shot. Come down to the space and jam a few songs he said. My reply was: well of course, i would love to. No strings attached of course; cos u know musicians and commitment....two things that dont really work well u gotta have an exit strategy. After jammin the songs, we just knew that that was it. Of course we both agreed that we should give it a shot and perform and travel to see how we feel before making a full fledged commitment. So we did. Three months later things felt even better and better, more natural. We started working on new songs together and playing more and more. The pieces were falling into the right place. In January, a long-awaited record deal came to fruition. Signed, sealed, delivered; Running Still didnt intend to be still in any way that dealt with music. Beautiful new songs, an amazing collaboration with Robert Wyatt and a recording session would be the building blocks of our debut album.
Yesterday, Day 1 of the final step (the recording) ended. How do we feel? Well, wait till you hear it; you will know..... But i can tell you this: we cant wait to be done, and be on the road performing and doing what we love the most.
Sharing the love and music with all of you.

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