Sunday, April 27, 2008

starting to record vocals!! yeay!!

Our record that’s coming out august 19 to the stores is almost done!
Were done with all the instrumental tracks an now all that’s left
To record is vocals.
Its so exciting were almost at the end!!
Although vocals take time. More time then other stuff but it
Depends on the song some go faster then others.
I already sang, “come away” cause we are having it
Mixed in the UK since Robert Wyatt sang on it and we wanted to
Get that British sound!!
Now starting this Tuesday I will start to sing the rest of the album.
There are 4 new songs that we are recording
It’s exciting and very different to sing the new stuff.

All the other songs ive been singing for years….

Well we will keep you posted on the recordings and how it all goes.

Love peace and rock and roll….

Asi from running still

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